AMS Service Rates
Of all the recording studios in the Houston, Texas area,
we offer the most affordable and competitive rates.

Recording at Afterthoughts Music Studio

$50/Hour AAS Certified

We have the capability to record up to 18 tracks at a time using Avid Pro Tools and an artistic combination of musical instruments, equipment, and computer software listed on the Recording Studio page. We have two recording rooms; a vocal booth, and a room big enough to record most drum kits in. We record any; musical genre, instrument, voice, audio project, or sound.


$30 per Song up to 8 tracks
$50 per Song 9 - 16 tracks
$75 per Song 17 - 24 tracks
$100 per Song 25 - 32 tracks
$200 per Song 32+ tracks

We offer polished mixes ready for the mastering stage of the recording process. Whether you take advantage of our in-house mastering or have a preferred mastering engineer in mind, we work with artists and producers alike to achieve a mix-down that they are satisfied with. There are no cut-and-paste mixes, and revisions are considered part of the process.

Mastering Recordings

Mastering = $100 per song or track

We master your audio recordings. Our high fidelity digital mastering will make your music ready for distribution and radio play. We work with our clients to help achieve the sound they are looking for. This process enhances the overall sound and brings the track up to an industry standard volume level. We have cleaned up alot of bad recordings through this process. There is a saying that holds true in this industry, "Garbage in - garbage out." If you are not happy with the mix of your project, it would be ideal to revisit that process because mastering will only further enhance the final mixdown. There is no magic here, only artistically impressed science. If you have access to the multitracked sessions of your project, you may want to consider having it mixed with Afterthoughts Music Studio prior to Mastering.

Editing Audio

Editing audio, MIDI, and other digital files typically goes hand in hand with mixing. This is the process where cuts and fades are implimented to audio in Pro Tools. This also includes organizing sessions, naming tracks and files, automation, time and pitch correction, or altering notes, velosities, and patches to MIDI files.

  • AIFF / .aif
  • WAV / .wav
  • MP3 / .mp3
  • AAC / .aac
  • Sound Designer II / .sd2
  • MIDI / .mid

Mobile Recording

Afterthoughts Music Studio offers moblie recording. We can record you or your group on location anywhere in the Greater Houston Area up to 18 microphone or line signals directly into Pro Tools with the same quality we do in house. Call for a quote.

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